About Zeal Dance Force

Zeal Dance Force is a family oriented company dedicated to bringing formal dance training to underserved communities.  We specialize in dance, pageant coaching, and making dance fun for the younger generation.

Meaning of Zeal

Zeal /zēl/ is defined as having great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective. At Zeal Dance Force, we teach dance is not just about skill, but it’s about expressing your enthusiasm for the craft through your moves. To be a great dancer, you have to have technical skills, but also energy in order to connect with the audience.

Our Mission

Building Confidence, Integrity, and Leadership in every dancer.

Our Vision

To incite self reflection and build character through dance.

Our Guiding Principle

Romans 12:11- ``Never be lacking in Zeal but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.``

What We Offer

Parent Testimonial


I love being a Dance parent with Zeal Dance Force!!! I feel like this is my 2nd family. I love that we watch out for one another and support each other. Ms. Paula is a joy to work with and support. She is so patient and understanding with young ladies!

Kacelia Miller